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Bara Jonson and Free MIDEM Music and Magic

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Bara Jonson and Free - MIDEM Music and Magic

Submitted by Sandy Graham

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Crockpop (country/rock/pop) band from south of Sweden. Composed of a dynamic duo together with inspirational musicians and skillful performers, Bara Jonson and Free are a band like no other. From live gigs to streaming sessions and more, they continue to touch fans around the world with their blend of heartfelt lyrics, strong music, and soulful messages.

The duo has played at most of southern Sweden's festivals and also had tours in Denmark, Germany and Holland.

Last October BJF attended Live at Heart Newfoundland and came back from the island of the rock inspired by the welcoming community of Burin Peninsula NL. Performing at the Live at Heart in Örebro, Sweden earlier that year Bara Jonson and Free received an invitation to be one of only 30 acts to participate at Live At Heart Newfoundland, Marystown on the Burin Peninsula.  It was to be an appearance that inspired them on many levels, and it touched the hearts of all who attended.

"Meeting Newfoundland; its nature and all the friendly people we fell in love. The song “Hello Newfoundland” really tries to capture that feeling. The people of Newfoundland made us immediately feel we had found our home away from home. The song was our way to say thank you."

And how that song is garnering airplay not just in Newfoundland but in Europe as well. With the world-wide success of the theatre play “From Away” it seems that many hearts are touched by the magic and love put out by Newfoundlanders.

Watch the Video "Hello Newfoundland" here:

Hello Newfoundland also featured Tale the Rapper, an artist and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. His style is diverse and melodic. His lyrics and technical skills are on point. Also having appeared a Live at Heart Newfoundland, it was very fitting that he was a featured rapper on Hello Newfoundland.

The trip to Newfoundland also had some tremendous spin-offs to it. Bara Jonson and Free were signed to a Canadian management marketing company, Entertainment Music Group which led to an invitation to be highlighted as performers at an official MIDEM Showcase in Cannes, France at Morrison’s, the renowned location known to break acts in Europe at this event. "
"We are so excited to be able to showcase at such a legendary music event like MIDEM. We will be reuniting with our Canadian friends as well as other Swedish acts. Not to mention the networking with the musical world on such a global level at the trade show of MIDEM 2019."

Prior to MIDEM, Bara Jonson and Free will be returning to Canada for a small tour in Ontario during the time of Canadian Music Week then off to Newfoundland to play some locations there again.

Next up, the release on March 1, 2019 of "Fairytale Me" combined with a video that truly matches the name. Along with a great musical offering the video is breathtaking.

Much in store for this great act and so well deserved.