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David Pomeranz – You’re the Inspiration

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David Pomeranz – You’re the Inspiration

Submitted by Sandy Graham

David Pomeranz has had songs that have been recorded and/or performed by scores of artists including Barry Manilow (who scored two Number One hits with David’s "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again" and "The Old Songs") Bette Midler, Kenny Rogers, Clay Aiken, Phoebe Snow, Freddie Mercury, Cliff Richard (who recorded three Pomeranz' songs including the Top Ten U.K. hit, David’s and Dean Pitchford’s stunning, "I Still Believe in You") The Muppets, Kenny Loggins, Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi), Dennis DeYoung (of Styx), Missy Elliott (who sampled of one of David’s recordings for her million-selling hit, “One Minute Man”), The Carpenters, The Hollies, Harry Belafonte, Hubert Laws, Lou Rawls, Andrea Marcovicci, John Denver, Mary Travers, Leo Sayer, Eddie Kendricks (of the Temptations), Donna Summer, Glen Campbell, Lillias White and Kathie Lee Gifford.

In the late 1980s, David developed a close friendship with Russian rock star, Alexander Malinin, and out of this, the two artists collaborated on a powerful "pre-glasnost" duet recording entitled "Faraway Lands" (Cypress/A&M), one of the first such collaborations in history. Recorded in both Moscow and L.A., David and Alexander premiered the song live from Moscow's Gorky Park on an episode of the hit series, "Head Of The Class". The show was broadcast to 40 million viewers on U.S. television and was the first American production to be shot in the "New Russia." The song was also included in the star-studded Cypress/A&M album compilation, "Critic's Choice".

One of David's most beloved songs, "It's In Every One Of Us", has been recorded time and again and sung all over the world in Churches, Corporate Seminars, Schools, Synagogues, Political Rallies, Weddings, Fundraisers and anywhere people gather for an uplifting purpose. "It's In Every One Of Us" was a major sponsor theme song to the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. David's songwriting projects have earned him 22 platinum and 18 gold albums.

We caught up with David at his home in Florida and with a background of successes like this behind this prolific songwriter and artist it was so refreshing to find out he is as his songs portray him to be; sensitive, aware of the world today and sympathetic to the needs we now have on a global level, and still a true romantic at heart.

Being brought up in a creative family (born and bred in Long Island, New York) David explained that his parents and sister were all creative souls. “My parents were always playing and listening to music so I was blessed to hear all the songs that were current for their time as well as Broadway musical pieces as well as classical artists. My mother, Bonnie, played piano, so we sang as a family (including my sister, Susan) and my dad, Mel had a truly gifted voice. I actually sang in our Synagogue choir with my dad, and we did solos together, sometimes performing for close to 3,000 people.  I would have been about 9-10 years old at that time. My sister, Susan is to this day a gifted artist, both as a painter but also currently as a popular illustrator. My mom, Bonnie, had she been born in a different era would have been a successful actress and even in her day was working on small productions and radio shows. As most women did in the 1950’a, motherhood became her vocation. We still to this day bond over music; talking about lyrics and songs. Another wonderful thing in my life.”

But the magic of music caught David much earlier, when at around 5 years old he heard the soundtrack of West Side Story and the song “Somewhere”, written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. “I remember hearing this song and every note and nuance went through my soul. I wanted to compose, I wanted to write like that. Later in life this would prove to be something I was blessed to do for a living.”

The craving to perform in front of an ‘audience’ came much earlier for the young David, and with his love of Broadway, Sinatra and Rock ‘n’ Roll, he often entertaining his neighbors by putting on shows for them in the backyard.

“Not long after my synagogue ‘gigs’ with my dad, I learned to play the piano (a few paid lessons from my loving parents) I taught myself to play guitar and drums. I loved singing and performing but of course like all teenagers back then who started bands, it helped to get girls to like you,” David jokingly said.

And after those High School bands days came College, and then David became the lead singer with the Cincinnati group, "East Orange Express", whose members went later went on on to become the successful band, "Pure Prairie League".

“I also got to live to every kid’s musical dreams and got to play in The Catskills and while there my father knew the father of Lesley Gore and Michael (her brother) who became my first managers,”, David explains, “but the turning point was when I started to be managed by Steve Frank and he was instrumental in getting me started.”

So at the age of 19, Steve Frank was instrumental in taking a bold move of basically walking into Decca Records with just David and his guitar, with no appointment.  It worked. Decca Records signed David to a multi-album contract during which time he recorded two highly acclaimed albums, "New Blues", and "Time To Fly",  At the time Decca was flying high with hit artists and David Pomeranz was now amongst a reputable roster, (the latter, featuring jazz greats Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Jan Hammer, Eddie Gomez and Airto). During that period he set out on tour throughout America as opening act for the likes of Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Badfinger, Three Dog Night and The Doors (post-Jim Morrison), and gained a devoted following. In the late 70's and early '80s, David released two more albums, "It's In Every One Of Us" (Arista) and "The Truth Of Us" (Pacific/ Atlantic) - which David co-produced with legendary Paul Simon producer, Roy Halee - and shared the stage with Steely Dan, George Benson, Kenny Loggins, Phoebe Snow, Steve Martin, Laura Nyro, Melissa Manchester, Randy Newman, The Carpenters and Air Supply.

“I am a true believer in serendipity and the world around me. Ed Silvers of Warner Music (Warner Chappell) was instrumental in getting my next career path to happen by getting my songs covered by other artists.”   Lou Rawls was the first to cover one of my songs “Let It Be Now” on his album entitled “She’s Gone” (a cover version of the Hall & Oates hit).

“I was friends with Bette Midler back then and she was being produced by Barry Manilow at the time. Bette suggested I get “Trying to Get the Feeling Again” to Manilow, and not only did he record it and make it a hit, he also did the same for “The Old Songs.”

And with decades more of history to much to mention, and all the while touring and writing scores for Broadway and having songs in major movies, (his own version of It’s In Everyone of Us was featured in Tom Hank’s Big) David has never lost his love of writing and creativity.

A new album is set to be released shortly with the title track of “You’re the Inspiration” originally a hit for Chicago in the late 70’s and written by Peter Cetera and David Foster.

“I love this song, and even though it is not one of mine, a great song is a great song. I gave it a new arrangement and focused on the vocals, which I feel is my strength. I also do a cover version of Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”, who had the pleasure of touring with back in the day as well. The album has new songs that I am so happy to give to my devoted fans to hear and to reach out to new fans who I hope can enjoy them as well and discover David Pomeranz for their playlists.”

David Pomeranz will be also be appearing in a virtual concert with Jim Brickman Feb. 19-20, 2021 and it is not to be missed. We will be posting the link here in the very near future.

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Editor’s Note: Having been a David Pomeranz fan for decades and also now having the opportunity to hear the advance music on the new album, I can tell you that this artist is actually better than ever.  A must have for every music lover’s library.