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From Cuba to Toronto Izael Nzas Releases New Video “Silence”

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From Cuba to Toronto Izael Nzas Releases New Video “Silence”

Submitted to Record World Magazine

How do you describe this new offering from Isael Nzas? From harpsichord-like tone to the simplest music notes to vibe in a delightful unique experience. Some interesting percussion and piano choices. Ambling rhythms, plucky string and keyboard taps meld into one big conglomerate of sound.

Izael is such an eclectic artist rangng from Afro, Latin, Classic and Jazz all fused together to great his sound. A World of Music – Un mundo de musica!

“In this project I over passed my expectation I started without even knowing that few months later I was going to discover I am a composer. I started with the instrumental “Inner Peace” and when I finished I said, you should spend some quality time trying to understand this music composition thing.”

“ It all started by the end of 2017 while I was finishing school. I was going through really difficult times, been homeless, my mother was dying from cancer, I was sick with deadly parasites really bad and music was the only thing that got me out from that dark period. Next thing I knew I was composing “Queens” which is my oldest daughter’s name. Summer 2018 when I took her back to Cuba for few weeks which turned out she had to stay there for a while, due of my situation here. I never gave up, but I felt like everything was done, though music didn’t  allow me to sink like many say can happen.  I got to a point where  I wasn’t able to even leave my house for weeks due my sickness, so I went all the way down music path. I wrote around 30 songs and composed around 30 Instrumentals in a year or so. Even in my worst situation, I managed to stay focused and if you let time pass, that eventually things were going to fall into place. I didn’t break, now I m here to share my history with the world.”

Watch the video here by Izael Nzas - Silence

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