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James Thomas Band Meet Me on the Corner

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James Thomas Band Meet Me on the Corner

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The James Thomas Band combines country/rock with a bar-band jam sound. "Meet Me On The Corner"", one of James' wildly fun singles, paves the way for an eclectic mix of music. Other highlights from their new album "Eight Seconds Before Midnight" include the heavy blues hit "Suicide Blues" and the insanely rock/blues tune "Siren" elevates the band to the heights that too few blue/rock bands from the American South ever achieve. Overall, an album of mixed styles that work on many levels but it's the guitar-strong bluesy stuff that simply works the best!” 

After many years as a lead singer, for a Durham/Raleigh North Carolina cover band,

James Thomas met David Floyd and Pat Walters while working at a recording studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. James' first album was produced by David Floyd with Pat Walters playing electric lead guitar.  After recording his first album, "Ocean Song", under the name Jerry Thomas (James’ nickname) James moved to Los Angeles to work as a staff songwriter for many recording studios and music publishing houses.  James wrote many songs during this period, but  decided to move back to North Carolina in 2002.

James suffered the tragedy of losing his wife of 25 years, in 2004. Despondent James withdrew to his mountain home in Virginia and shut himself of from the world to deal with the loss of his precious wife.

On a visit with friends in Charlotte, James encountered his old friend David Floyd at a party with mutual friends. Upon hearing of the loss of James’ wife, David encouraged the skeptical widower, to get back to what James does best, writing music.So in 2006 James posted nine songs from his first album  "Ocean Song”, that James recorded with his friends David Floyd and Pat Walterson  Myspace under the  name of the James Thomas Band.

James felt the songs were outdated. David assured James that the songs would sound fine with today’s music. The first two months 227,753 people listened to the "Ocean Song" album and that resulted in 1,558,000 plays.

With this success, David convinced James to write ten new songs for a new album. What came out of the brain storming sessions with James, David and Pat is a collection of songs for a themed album titled "The Courthouse and The Redemption". James played acoustic guitar and put his powerful voice to the lead vocals of the songs.  David Floyd played keyboards, bass guitar, drums,while producing, arranging, engineering the music for these sessions. David produced these sessions through his company. (

Pat Walters played lead guitar on these sessions for this album.  When Pat is not doing session work, he plays for a local cover band called "The Spongetones”. The Spongetones cover mostly perform Beatles songs and other English bands.

The James Thomas Band’s album, "Courthouse and the Redemption” was embraced wholeheartedly in Europe because of it country rock foundations heavily seasoned with the band’s blues/rock influences.

2017 brought big changes for the band.  James’ current project, the new album, “Eight Seconds before Midnight”, brought with it, the conclusion of David Floyd as producer/ keyboardist and the end of Pat Walters as the lead guitar sideman for the band.

Andre Ferrari stepped in as producer/lead guitarist for the band. Andre is a renowned jazz guitarist that have played with many jazz greats during the last five years. Andre attended and graduated the Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Notable alumni of the Berklee College of music are John Mayer, Quincey Jones and  Gary Burton.

In addition to Andre,Mat Sigmon, who graduated the Berklee College of Music, in May of 2018 has joined the band and playes lead guitar,bass, drums and keyboards. The band refers to Mat as the “kid”. In addition to these talented powerhouses, Alan Rueda, James’s life long friend has joined the band in December 2018. Alan and James began performing together in bands since Alan was 17 and James was 19. 

Alan's lead guitar expertise mirrors the powers of both Andre's and Mat's  formal musical education and adds experience of Alan’s life long live stage performances.With the imminent conclusion of the recording of “Eight Seconds Before Midnight”,  the band prepares to move into the live performance stage of this process.

Meet Me On The Corner James Thomas Band