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Jordan Page – Hour of Change

Jordan Page – Hour of Change

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Jordan Page is a singer/songwriter, performer, freedom activist, hemp farmer, evangelist, environmental entrepreneur, and blockchain visionary. A voice of conscience and truth in a time of turmoil and deceit, Jordan is writing songs that open hearts and minds, and is working on multiple fronts to change the world.

His newest single “Hour of Change” is reminiscent of so many of the troubadours that came before him like a Jackson Browne 70s style of writing and vocals, but with the production values of bands like Mike and the Mechanics, with Bob Dylan messages. It doesn’t get any better than that and the message is clear that we need to embrace the “Hour of Change” to move forward in this new normal.

Jordan’s vocals are haunting, and the single doesn’t make the mistake of being over-produced, relying on his talent and song to get the message across. His songs are iconic meaningful, honest, and brazen enough to draw fans from all walks of life. Every Jordan Page song is unique, and has a lasting impact on his listeners.

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As America struggles to find its soul and cultural divisions are tearing apart the fabric of the great experiment in liberty, Jordan Page is a voice singing in the wilderness. Bursting onto the national scene in 2012 with songs of freedom decrying war and corruption, Jordan Page found himself trading in gigs at local bars for massive rallies, stadiums, and news broadcasts as he became a staple of the Ron Paul presidential campaign and the liberty movement that drove it.

His poetic lyrics reflect the times with a style that is both current and timeless, driven by powerhouse rock and roll mixed with classic folk and hints of country music. Jordan has toured internationally as an independent artist, releasing 2 albums and numerous singles. He is an outspoken advocate for individual liberty, focusing on natural law, gun rights, medical freedom, anti-war initiatives, political prisoners, cannabis freedom, decentralization of government and finance, religious liberty, and jury nullification. Jordan is a dynamic performer, known for his passionate baritone voice and his vigorous guitar solos. A storyteller at heart, Jordan loves to share the meaning of his songs on stage, and seeks to connect with each crowd on a personal level, always endeavoring to create an experience where each person in his audience feels special.

Jordan is a husband and a father of seven children, which he credits as a major driving force to succeed in his life, as well as his deeply rooted Christian faith. Through Dreamweaver Farms, in addition to his music and as part of his activism, he has championed the benefits of medical cannabis for years. He has worked with hundreds of patients as an advocate and counselor, and even had a strain of cannabis named after him. This journey led Jordan to discover the joys of growing hemp, and together with his wife Mary, they created Dreamweaver Farms. Based in northeast Washington State, Dreamweaver Farms is producing organic CBD-rich hemp. The health products made from DWF extracts are changing lives every day. Their 2020 grow was a great success. (

For many years Jordan has publicly advocated for the adoption of blockchain technology, and was an early proponent of Bitcoin. He is the CEO of Stepwyze Software Management, a blockchain development firm based in Phoenix, AZ and Manila, Philippines. SSM has developed exciting proprietary technology focused on user privacy, decentralized identification, tamperproof elections, supply chain management, distributed data storage, and streamlined automation for numerous industries. Jordan’s long term vision is for SSM to launch their economic operating system SEZchain, a blockchain system designed to automate governance in Special Economic Zones. This technology can replace 90% of governance with self-funding automation. For more info: Pure Bio Environmental Jordan believes that everything he does must benefit the world and help to liberate humanity, and so he and his partners at Stepwyze created Pure Bio Environmental, a water and soil remediation company focused on real solutions to pollution and crop shortages, primarily focused in Southeast Asia. Using biochar, and other reclamation agents, PBE is working to clean up polluted rivers and to increase crop yields in countries where food shortages threaten local populations.

A unique combination of an artist for bridging the gap between music and politics, Jordan Page’s life imitates his art. He is an entertainer, an educator, an entrepreneur, an idealist, a visionary, and an artist with a voice for ‘We the People.’ Anthems like “Liberty,” “Pendulum,” “Arm Yourselves,” and his new single “Hour of Change” are ambassadors from an ideology of freedom, meant to unite humanity in uncertain times.

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