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Swedish Songstress Elin Namnieks

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Swedish Songstress Elin Namnieks

Submitted by Don Graham

The Swedish music scene is flourishing in the 21st century with music of all genres being crafted and produced in this beautiful country of kind caring and talented people. I was fortunate enough last year to witness this blossoming trend last year while participating in the Live At Heart Sweden festival in Örebro.

One of the talents ready to breakthrough is a beautiful and talented southern girl, south of Sweden - Elin Namnieks.

Born in the town of town of Vimmerby in southeast Sweden, Elin who at only 22 years of age,  has earned her stripes in  writing, recording  and performing. She was named an ”Ines Talent” in 2018, and has been a two-time invited  performer at Sweden’s largest showcase festival ”Live at Heart”.  Elin’s talent and drive and ambition and determination will carry her far on her musical quest. We caught up with Elin at her home in Sweden to talk about her dreams and goals and her passion to grab the golden ring.

”My music and my songwriting got really important to me early on in life. I was 14 when I started writing songs and started making a living with music between 16 and 18 years old.  It was my therapy and my cushion to get me through the tough days and gave me something to strive for and dream about.”

Growing up the music she was influenced by was Linkin Park and Tove Lo, Sweden’s dark export known for her grunge influenced pop music and autobiographical lyrics. She is also a huge fan of Ed Sheeran.

Elin is constantly searching and looking to expand her interests and musical genres to discover her wheelhouse and how to best express her thoughts and reach a broader audience with her music. ”The most important thing is to be true to yourself, and stay at it until you feel 100% happy. That and not being afraid to take a chance – dare to take that leap…!”

The future looks really exciting for this Swedish songstress with recording, tours and the never ending creative journey.

Editor’s Note: Elin Namnieks is a featured artist at the Official Showcase at Morrison’s June 4-7 in Cannes, France and will be returning to perform at Live at Heart, Sweden June 4-7 2019. For more visit: