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That Nikki You Know Releases Love Rain

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That Nikki You Know Releases Love Rain

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That Nikki You Know is a spoken word artist and musician living in Montreal, Quebec. She has performed at The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Eden Mills Writer's Festival, Hillside Music Festival, Slamtario, 100 Mile Riot, Strummer Fest and POP MTL. 

From Victoria to Halifax, That Nikki You Know has performed her original music and poetry under a variety of names and with a variety of projects. She has facilitated workshops with Rock Camp For Girls* MTL to help vocalists find their voice and continues to find her own voice as it evolves, shifts and grows.

Memories is her first official release, recorded entirely in her home studio. It showcases many of her spoken word pieces previously only experienced in a live setting without musical accompaniment. This project is both music, and poetry, together.

Love Rain

The new release ‘Love Rain’ from that album doesn’t disappoint with poignant lyrics:

Love Rain Down

I always loved the rain.

I wanted to be like the rain

falling down



down and I loved to fall

I found every reason I could

to fall

like an addiction

Love Rain Down

I was caught

caught in love affair

after love affair

after love affair

Love Rain Down

like an addiction

didn't need help

didn't want help

because down was fun

down was hot

down was easy

down was dirty

and I felt too clean

Love Rain Down

Down down I was too down

I forgot who I was

I forgot what I loved

I forgot

Jill Scott

I got caught


cycles of victim

cycles of poor me

cycles of excuses

no excuses anymore

I still want to be

like Jill Scott

like sounds and words

music and poetry


music and poetry


like music and poetry (sung)

together (repeat) (sung)

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