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The Dimpker Brothers from Sweden Set to perform at MIDEM 2019

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The Dimpker Brothers from Sweden Set to perform at MIDEM 2019 as part of the Cashbox Magazine (Canada and USA) Showcase

Submitted by Sandy Graham

The Dimpker Brothers didn’t choose music, music chose them. Since childhood days it is all they’ve known, but the only way to share their passion was to see them playing one of their acclaimed live shows. Until today. Their debut single, ‘Days Of Wonder’, is as much a force of nature as the brothers themselves. Recorded with their musical hero, Joshua James, in American Fork, Utah, the song blends bittersweet Scandinavian harmonies with the soul of Americana. “If you’re allowed to have favourites among your own offspring, this is ours.”

This folk rock duo from Sweden is much more than a band, the Dimpker Brothers actually are brothers in real life. It’s almost like they’ve got sixth sense tightness in their dynamics and beautiful vocal arrangements. Reviews of the Dimpker Brothers’ live shows are “unique” and “this is medicine for the soul” which gives testimony to the warm and powerful performance of this talented young duo.

Now set to take the stage at MIDEM 2019 at an official showcase at Morrisons on June 5, The Dimpker Brothers are sure to take the audience by storm with their smooth harmonies and strong musical talent.

After careful adjudication, they were chosen to join 10 other acts as the Cashbox Canada/Cashbox Magazine USA Showcase and it seems their ‘Days of Wonder’ are just ahead of them.

Check them out here:

Days Of Wonder - Dimpker Brothers Live in San Francisco

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