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The Sweet Soulful Sound of Anouschka

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The Sweet Soulful Sound of Anouschka

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Photo Credit: Saile and Pfalzgraff Fotografie

Anouschka is a Swedish/American singer-songwriter. She offers well-crafted songs with elegant lyrics using jazzy, blusey and Kenyan influences. Rootsy Magazine, Sweden: "Anouschka's songs have rich texts..... full of emotion, whether she works in the jazz, blues or rock idiom."

Music is a spiritual journey for her and she considers herself a Song Catcher more than a commercial commodity. Her inimitable lyric content, come from her life. She is a global traveller and speaks French, German, Swedish, English, and a little Kiswahili.She has lived in many places, and worked in various fields to support her music career-everything from selling chicken wings at McDonalds to Acting Chancellor of the Swedish Consulate. Home of Rock, Germany writes, "She is a master of versatility and depth." Her songs are played worldwide.

Her Swedish grandmother gave her a guitar at the age of 12. Anouschka taught herself to play and began writing. As a teenager, she was lead singer for an all-girl rock band in Sweden. She eventually moved to New York, and later Boston, to pursue more opportunities. During these East Coast years, she found herself the only female guitarist and songwriter at industry events, guitar classes at Berklee College of Music, and jam sessions. She remained true to her passion and paid her dues through hard work and perseverance. She flourished when she was able to attend Berklee College of Music.  "I am extremely grateful for Berklee. It raised me to a whole other level. " she says of her Achievement Scholarship from the famous college. (She also has a Political Science Degree from Tufts University, and a MA in Natural Resource Management from Stockholm University, Sweden.)

Her debut EP "Anouschka"  was released while still at Berklee. Leading industry magazine Music Connection reviewed a performance in Los Angeles, calling her “A strong vocalist, but a surprisingly fine, subtle acoustic guitarist.” 

In 2005, Anouschka returned to Sweden where she stumbled onto a blues jam. She became a common figure there as the sole woman jumping up on stage with her guitar, improvising songs on the fly. This resulted in her blues-influenced album:  "My Kind if Heartbreak". Rhythm & Booze, UK writes "Impressive writing showcased by very professionally handled instrumentation." It placed 2nd on the Midnight Blues Station in Paris, France and went on steady rotation on the Dr. Lou show in Philadelphia, USA.

In 2009 Anouschka moved to Berlin seeking work opportunities. She worked as the music reporter for NPR Berlin 104.1 FM, acted in numerous anti-fascist underground plays, and released the EP "So Why?" and "Hollywood Ending". 

Her love of wildlife led her to volunteer in South Africa a year later. Gareth Patterson, South Africa, asked her to write“Dying to be Free” to protest canned lion hunting. It became the campaign song for the Global March of Lions in 60 countries.  Anouschka performed her song with Tribal Leaders at the Capitol FM Breakfast Show, Nairobi, Kenya.By then, she had already recorded her first music in Kenya introducing Kenyan beats and Kiswahili into her writing. In doing so, she set a trend since followed by other artists.  The track "Shine" was nominated out of 240,000 entries in the JPF Awards, USA."To Know Love" went on steady rotation in the UK, and ”Hey Day",  received Honourable Mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Awards.

Anouska is heading to Cannes, France and will be featured in an Official Showcase at MIDEM June 4-7, 2019, presented by Cashbox Magazine Canada and USA. Look for more about this talented artist in the very near future.

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