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The Zombies Complete Studio Recordings On Vinyl

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The Zombies Complete Studio Recordings On Vinyl

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For the first time ever, the essential studio recordings of Britain’s legendary Zombies and 2019 Inductees into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame are assembled in one place on vinyl via Varese Sarabande, Feb 22nd, 2019.  This is a 5 Box Vinyl Set which includes two original US albums:  She’s Not There/Tell Her No and Odessey & Oracle;  Two important compilations:  R.I.P which was compiled by CBS Records and intended to be a follow -up to Odessey and Oracle, but then cancelled and never pieced together until now, with only a few  tracks appearing on various collections and some originally released as singles, and I Love You, which was only released in the UK and Japan.  Also included,  a bespoke collection of rare singles and UK-only album tracks:  Oddities  & Extras. This LP includes new notes from the historical producer/engineer Andrew Sandoval known for multi-artist presentations such as the British Invasion Tour.   There are new photos for the album cover and slipcover.  This is the most comprehensive vinyl collection of The Zombies’ work ever constructed.

62 Tracks of Pure Psychedelic Jazz-tinged Pop and hours of fascination for the determined diehard fans.

This set comes on Black 180gm LP’s in a beautiful slip case with the Zombies logo in a fancy foil stamp.  Record Collectors will be in Zombies Heaven!  


She’s Not There / Tell Her No

Side One

1. She’s Not There

2. Summertime

3. It’s Alright With Me

4. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me / Bring It On Home To Me

5. Sometimes

6. Woman


Side Two

1. Tell Her No

2. I Don’t Want To Know

3. Work ’n’ Play

4. Can’t Nobody Love You

5. What More Can I Do

6. Got My Mojo Working


I Love You

 Side One

1. The Way I Feel Inside

2. How We Were Before

3. Is This The Dream

4. Whenever You’re Ready

5. Woman

6. You Make Me Feel Good


Side Two

1. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself

2. Indication

3. Don’t Go Away

4. I Love You

5. Leave Me Be

6. She’s Not There


Odessey & Oracle

 Side One

1. Care of Cell 44

2. A Rose for Emily

3. Maybe After He’s Gone

4. Beechwood Park

5. Brief Candles

6. Hung Up On A Dream

Side Two

1. Changes

2. I Want Her She Wants Me

3. This Will Be Our Year

4. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)

5. Friends of Mine

6. Time of the Season


 Side One

1. She Loves The Way 

They Love Her

2. Imagine The Swan

3. Smokey Day

4. Girl Help Me

5. I Could Spend The Day

6. Conversation Off Floral Street

Side Two

1. If It Don’t Work Out

2. I’ll Call You Mine

3. I’ll Keep Trying

4. I Know She Will

5. Don’t Cry For Me

6. Walking In The Sun

Oddities & Extras

 Side One

1. Kind Of Girl

2. She’s Coming Home

3. I Must Move

4. I Want You Back Again

5. I Can’t Make Up My Mind

6. I Remember When I Loved Her

7. I’m Going Home

Side Two

1. Remember You

2. Just Out Of Reach

3. Nothing’s Changed

4. Goin’ Out Of My Head

5. She Does Everything For Me

6. A Love That Never Was

One of the consummate joys of the first wave of the British Invasion was the startling variety of sounds and styles that emerged month after month in that heady halcyon era.

At one end of the scale were the raw, blues-drenched disciples of American blues and R&B (Rolling Stones, Animals, Yardbirds), and at the other end were the more studied, sophisticated, intricately arranged atmospherics of the Zombies. There was no other band whose sound filled space as gorgeously and completely as the Zombies: the jazz-inflected electric piano of Rod Argent, the choirboy vocals of him and his St. Albans schoolmates, bassist Chris White and lead singer Colin Blunstone. Other schoolmates, Paul Atkinson on guitar and vocals, and drummer Hugh Grundy rounded out the classic original lineup, which endeared itself overnight to the most loyal and dedicated army of fans to which any rock band can lay claim.

At the end of the day, it always comes back home to the triad of career defining hits by the Zombies that beg the question: Where were you the first time you heard “She’s Not There” or “Tell Her No” or “Time Of the Season?” Their second and final album Odessey And Oracle has earned its reputation (and its spot inside the Top 100 on Rolling Stone’s list of the "500 Greatest Albums Of All Time") alongside such masterworks as the Beatles’ White Album and the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Rod Argent’s eponymous band gave majesty and definition to the ’70s, but the Zombies, which he and Colin Blunstone have been helming on records and tours for the past decade, are truly a rock band for all seasons.

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