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Wes Brown - Keeping It Real

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Wes Brown - Keeping It Real
Submitted by Don Graham

Wes Brown is walking, talking, singing, living proof that you can take the boy out of Alabama but you can’t the Alabama out of the boy. Wes was born in north Alabama moved to south Alabama and nowadays splits his time between Nashville, Tennessee and northern Wisconsin. “I go back and forth between Nashville and Wisconsin and I’m creating new music wherever I am. These days, I’m blessed to say are some of the most creative times I’ve ever had. The songs and ideas seem to be non-stop for me at the moment.”

This Southern talent is a little Hank Jr. a little Waylon and a whole lot of the real Wes Brown. He is laser focused on becoming the best version of himself that he can possibly be. “I have a strong feeling that this is my time and I intend to ride it to my goal.”

Wes got his first guitar when he was nine years old but couldn’t sit through more than one lesson. “I found it boring so I put the old six string in the closet and forgot about it.” Then he saw Garth Brooks sitting on a stool and singing ‘The Dance’ and thought “Now that looks cool, I can do that! “ So he got the old guitar out of the closet and taught himself to play. He discovered his path and a God given talent for music. “I give all the glory to Him.”

The current single climbing the Traditional Country Charts right now is “Shelter When It’s Raining” – watch it on YouTube here:

Wes Brown is definitely a force to be reckoned with and with his commitment and dedication to his goal he will make his mark in the world of music and touch many lives along the way.

To his fans Wes says, “Thank y’all so much for your support and love of my music. It’s because of y’all that I get to live my dream and even if never make the “big stage” I will consider myself a success just for having let be a small part of your lives.”

If you want to experience Wes Brown “live” you can do so every Tuesday and Thursday nights on Facebook Live @ 7pm CST

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