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Our Core Team

In 2006 the new owners of Cashbox and Record World Magazine recreated an American classic based on George Albert’s old Cash Box Magazine, which ceased publication in 1996.

What is different from the old days is now we have moved into an exciting era of the Internet and everything that goes with it. Sadly, we are leaving behind some of the old comforts of vinyl, phonographs, 78s, 45s and LPs. Having said that; statistics show vinyl appears to be making a comeback of sorts.

The rich sound has never been digitally duplicated and music fans miss the extensive artwork and liner notes that were always a part of buying an LP. Even the music gurus at the local music stores with red hair and buck teeth, who knew all the hottest records and artists long before the radio stations did, are slowly going away. They say all things are cyclical so maybe we are headed back to our roots! Our new team is in place and very diverse which has brought Record World and CASHBOX to new heights.